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  • Committed [r1081]

    fix in export.tcl

  • Committed [r1080]

    Some important fixes for intermediate release; ...

  • Modified ticket #48 on Scidb

    Engines match

  • Posted a comment on ticket #48 on Scidb

    I know, this is a frequent wanted feature, but I must deny, please have a look on...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #47 on Scidb

    I'm not convinced from this feature. If you open/enter a game, ending with a stalemate...

  • Committed [r1079]

    README for language support update

  • Modified ticket #1 on C/CIF

    little mistype in web page

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1 on C/CIF

    The first error report! Thanks for the report, proof reading is very welcome, I'm...

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2008-12-10 11:05:14
Frankfurt am Main / Germany / CET


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