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  • Posted a comment on ticket #79 on Scidb

    Hi Antoni, how can I send an email? You've disabled the direct sending of emails...

  • Modified ticket #38 on Scidb

    Support for CBV files

  • Posted a comment on ticket #38 on Scidb

    Many thanks for your info, unzipping the cbv archive is of significant interest....

  • Committed [r1055]

    fix in treecolumn layout

  • Committed [r1054]

    small fix in configure script

  • Committed [r1053]

    fix in PGN reader (#79)

  • Modified ticket #79 on Scidb

    Opening of a cbh aborted due an internal error

  • Posted a comment on ticket #79 on Scidb

    It is a false assertion (not a segfault as I thought). It seems to be due to a result...

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2008-12-10 11:05:14
Frankfurt am Main / Germany / CEST


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