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  • Committed [r1]

    Added README.txt

  • Committed [r37]

    Change stop by stop 1 to warn the interface abo...

  • Committed [r42]

    Adding result files to b-Test

  • Committed [r38]

    Cambios en b-Test tras 1ra reunion con Tabo

  • Committed [r37]

    Adding H to Visualization in b-Test

  • Committed [r36]

    Adding GNR to b-Test

  • Committed [r33]

    Adding animation to local.mnu.xml

  • Committed [r31]

    Adding data to animate

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2012-03-07 12:57:53


  • Project Logo AcousFEM   Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Inline fortran functions Fortran emulation of Matlab inline functions Last Updated:
  • Project Logo MaxFEM Software for electromagnetic simulation Last Updated:
  • Project Logo OpenNum OpenNum lets you distribute solvers with a nice graphical interface Last Updated:
  • Project Logo creamake Automatic creation of Makefile for Fortran projects Last Updated:


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