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  • Committed [94ee8a]

    Added a gitignore. It's about time.

  • Committed [12093e]

    Oh well.

  • Committed [bebaa5]

    Huh. This is weird.

  • Committed [88dd00]

    Added launch-macos.command

  • Committed [ebb1ca]

    Clippings dialog may be more user friendly now

  • Committed [8fdc87]

    Removed SHORTCUTS and compile_windows script as...

  • Committed [630c92]

    Update README.md

  • Committed [1d4d65]

    Update README.md

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2011-09-17 19:24:46


  • Project Logo Akane PyQt music player (works on Linux and Windows) Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Cheddar Tabbed Web browser for Linux, coded in Python/PyQt4 Last Updated:
  • Project Logo FissionBox Yet another Fedora Remix Last Updated:
  • Project Logo GCalc Fork of GCalc (http://www.gcalc.net/) Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Komichi Simple Python/PyQt Web browser for Linux Last Updated:


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