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  • Created ticket #505 on MinGW-w64 - for 32 and 64 bit Windows

    winpthreads-1.dll location issue

  • Committed [187a64]

    Turned join/split front functions into macros f...

  • Committed [405b4f]

    Fixed wrong chunks merge direction.

  • Committed [4af75a]

    Laid down the documentation and the unit testin...

  • Committed [bc4c49]

    Started moving the unit tests into the generator.

  • Committed [1bde02]

    Added missing stubs for required methods in the...

  • Committed [ac6851]

    Reworked the types capability infrastructure.

  • Committed [da68bf]

    Minor code cleanup.

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2002-11-18 11:42:12


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