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    Hi Noemi, You need to set the parameter -forward_reverse to produce amplicon datasets...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #9 on Grinder

    Hi Piotr, The problem is that using kmer-based chimeras requires reference sequences...

  • Created ticket #1 on PHACCS

    Tests failure

  • Committed [2c9550]

    Version 0.4.5

  • Committed [dc6c01]

    Fixed bug when parsing arguments with missing v...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #41 on TuxGuitar

    Thanks for checking this harborsiem. This means that the bug report can be close...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #40 on TuxGuitar

    I guess this bug report is invalid, then. Unfortunately, I cannot close it myself....

  • Created ticket #41 on TuxGuitar

    StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when opening a GP5 file

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