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  • Posted a comment on ticket #30 on Rompr

    No I've already tried to emulate it. I've tried to open a dialog with the mopidy...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #30 on Rompr

    Mopidy shows this: WARNING A client or frontend made a library search with an empty...

  • Committed [r528]

    Fix some podcast problems (mark as listened and...

  • Modified ticket #31 on Rompr

    Can't start/switch song in playlist since mopidy 1.0.0

  • Modified ticket #28 on Rompr

    radio station search

  • Posted a comment on ticket #28 on Rompr

    Unlikely, unless listenlive.eu open up a search API.

  • Modified ticket #29 on Rompr

    Add play button to Your Radio Stations list entries

  • Posted a comment on ticket #29 on Rompr

    What you describe is not consistent with the rest of the interface. What if you're...

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