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  • Committed [r4254]

    - changed profile to bootstrap css

  • Modified ticket #200 on Admidio

    Create mylists with more than 1 role

  • Posted a comment on ticket #200 on Admidio

    With the new selectbox select2 and the integration in the form-class this should...

  • Modified ticket #349 on Admidio

    ALT Beschreibung mit Pfad im Download Plugin

  • Modified ticket #550 on Admidio

    New role option to add all email recipients in TO and not BCC

  • Posted a comment on ticket #550 on Admidio

    That should be a role option and not a system option. Because normally you want to...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #556 on Admidio

    Maybe we should think about it to create a separate module or plugin for the chat....

  • Committed [r4253]

    - finish new html and css layout for categories

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