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  • Committed [r28808]

    Correct BASIC relocatable programs and binary p...

  • Committed [r28740]

    Readline allocs with plain malloc(), do not use...

  • Committed [r28719]

    Return to correct state of T64 image after reset

  • Committed [r28653]

    Fix comparison between TOD clock and TOD alarm

  • Committed [r28035]

    If a sufficiently long sequence of "short" puls...

  • Committed [r27972]

    Make monitor window resizable. Tested with GTK+...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #432 on VICE

    The VTE-based never supported resizing iirc, but I'll dig up gnome-terminal's source...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #432 on VICE

    OK, performed an svn relocate and committed the patch

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