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  • Committed [r29773]

    Support VTE 2.91

  • Committed [r29772]

    Remove duplicate configure option: --enable-deb...

  • Committed [r29771]

    Whether tape supports half waves or not depends...

  • Committed [r29770]

    Add details about interrupt status (write-only ...

  • Committed [r29769]

    debug.h is automatically generated from debug.h...

  • Committed [r29768]

    Patch over a deficiency in zlib.h: uses va_list...

  • Committed [r28808]

    Correct BASIC relocatable programs and binary p...

  • Committed [r28740]

    Readline allocs with plain malloc(), do not use...

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2000-10-31 15:11:12


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