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  • Committed [b46e3f]

    JSON CGIs: Added authenticated username to resu...

  • Committed [e94eeb]

    Status JSON: Added Nagios Core version to progr...

  • Committed [dd010d]

    Fixed bug #438: Reloads during downtime causes ...

  • Committed [3b85a0]

    Archive JSON: Allow missing logs to be skipped

  • Committed [e34110]

    Archive JSON: Fixed bugs calculating availability

  • Committed [0e52d6]

    Fixed bug #595: Nagios 4 security fix

  • Committed [e5d456]

    Fixed bug #594: Nagios 4 fix contactgroups parsing

  • Committed [f2c5c7]

    Fixed bug #577: Nagios 4 checks stalled when wr...

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