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  • Modified ticket #62 on GIFLIB

    invalid memory access in most command line tools in util

  • Posted a comment on ticket #62 on GIFLIB

    And yet these tools pass their regression tests. Therefore this might be a false...

  • Modified ticket #61 on GIFLIB

    Leak in gifsponge

  • Posted a comment on ticket #61 on GIFLIB

    The leak was right at the end during deinitialization and harmless. Now fixed.

  • Modified ticket #63 on GIFLIB

    malformed gif causes segfault in giffilter

  • Posted a comment on ticket #63 on GIFLIB

    Fix pushed. The error retur is not very informative, but it is after all a malformed...

  • Committed [dfc5b4]

    Fix SourceForge bug #64: malformed gif causes c...

  • Committed [a3bf98]

    Sanity check in giffilter catches files with ma...

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