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  • Posted a comment on ticket #60 on GIFLIB

    Merged and pushed, thanks. I don't consider this an urgent fix, as I believe the...

  • Committed [140283]

    Many fixes for getarg.

  • Posted a comment on ticket #61 on GIFLIB

    Doesn't reproduce here with repoository head. Can yoou provide mote detai? Attaching...

  • Committed [887c6c]

    Eliminate nonportable macro hackery in the defi...

  • Committed [322c60]

    Fix a documentation glitch, and test my commit ...

  • Committed [4a2c39]

    Adapt to use .UR/.UE and .MT/.ME.

  • Committed [be69c5]

    Oops, got a dateline off by one.

  • Committed [87b412]

    .eo isn't used, so there is little point in the...

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