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  • Committed [a7fa94]

    PErformance tweaks and consistency tweaks on th...

  • Committed [a21dbc]

    Fixed Tubules not rendering. Updated example to...

  • Committed [55446b]

    Updated to fix Double compile issues.

  • Committed [95c718]

    Corrected the Shininess import for OBJ.

  • Committed [00553d]

    Undid a change for RR:U which broke RR.

  • Committed [033f56]

    Added Sorted method to AbstractSceneLevel for d...

  • Committed [c1bb09]

    Static Convex and GLSL shader 120.

  • Committed [375fbe]

    Minor tweaks.

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2007-08-24 10:23:09


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