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  • Committed [bf8f23]

    Added Albedo component to Shader.130

  • Committed [33ad39]

    Added additional component layers to the ASE an...

  • Committed [33c10d]

    Added Texture.Dynamic to upload a custom Bitmap...

  • Committed [932e39]

    Added ShadowValue component for multiplying a t...

  • Committed [fc0e8f]

    Corrected an incorrect rendering of the texture...

  • Committed [9955e3]

    Allow Skybox to use an AssetCollection as a sou...

  • Committed [95c139]

    Added Component Layer operator to allow texture...

  • Committed [0c5df4]

    Added GLSL version code to Effects shader gener...

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2007-08-24 10:23:09


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