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  • Modified ticket #970 on jEdit

    InfoViewer 1.6.3

  • Posted a comment on ticket #970 on jEdit

    Hey Alan, getting an error on startup. It's saying that the plugin requires jEdit...

  • Modified ticket #969 on jEdit

    LucenePlugin 4.1

  • Posted a comment on ticket #965 on jEdit

    Sorry for the long delay. Released to plugin central.

  • Modified ticket #965 on jEdit

    JavaSideKick 3.3.0

  • Committed [r23852]

    Update the base version of CHANGES.txt to 5.2.0

  • Posted a comment on ticket #965

    Ah. I see, yeah, I think he just left it in pending after, and I just haven't had...

  • Created ticket #205 on jEdit

    Merge rev: 23694 - upgrade launch4j to version 3.5.0

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