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  • Posted a comment on ticket #4 on Dragon UnPACKer

    Sorry none... Had not much time then and even less now. Don't even have time to fix...

  • Modified ticket #91 on Dragon UnPACKer

    hyperripper support for ogv theora files

  • Posted a comment on ticket #91 on Dragon UnPACKer

    I will have a look, do you have a small example file somewhere I can use for testing?...

  • Committed [r708]

    Polish translation for Dragon UnPACKer v5.7.0 B...

  • Committed [r707]

    Documentation for Dragon LaNGuage De-Compiler v...

  • Committed [r706]

    Dragon LaNGuage De-Compiler for DLNG files v4

  • Committed [r705]

    Added release build mode to the Duppi 4 project

  • Committed [r704]

    Added test mode (use test DUS) to Duppi 4

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