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  • Committed [adebfc]

    Adjustments in the spacing in some dialogs.

  • Committed [b0bcf9]

    Correctly hide the file section of the world ed...

  • Committed [e9e1e1]

    It's now possible to set a default file name fo...

  • Committed [3f6cb9]

    Set parent in all dialogs.

  • Committed [e9b208]

    Removed deprecated functions and attributes.

  • Committed [3bc995]

    Changed deprecated functions that set widget co...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #6 on KildClient

    Changing that and recompiling should be all that's necessary to enable support. However,...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #6 on KildClient

    Check the generated kcconfig.h file to see what it says about HAVE_LIBGNUTLS. Even...

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