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  • Posted a comment on ticket #578 on VICE

    Here is a patch that makes the tests pass. Not very nice, but does the work, maybe...

  • Committed [r2100]

    Fix SHA/SHX/SHY/SHS opcodes: the ANDing is done...

  • Committed [r2099]

    Use endian functions

  • Committed [r2098]


  • Posted a comment on discussion General Discussion on Hurrican

    Current svn fail to build due to missing DX8Texture.h

  • Modified a blog post on libsidplayfp

    Released libsidplayfp-1.8.0

  • Committed [r2097]

    Restore compatibility with pre c++11 compilers

  • Committed [r2096]

    Unconditonally clear low ram before installing ...

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2009-03-24 08:47:53


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