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  • Posted a comment on ticket #14 on libsidplayfp

    Well, this isn't actually a hard dependency as the preassembled file is included...

  • Modified ticket #14 on libsidplayfp

    Can't compile without xa65

  • Committed [r1860]

    Add more chip model parameters

  • Committed [r1859]

    Merge NEWS from branch

  • Created a blog post on libsidplayfp

    Released libsidplayfp-1.6.2

  • Committed [r1858]

    Tagging version 1.6.2

  • Committed [r1857]

    Prepare for release

  • Committed [r1856]

    merge following commits from trunk:

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  • Project Logo libsidplayfp A library to play Commodore 64 music derived from libsidplay2 Last Updated:


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