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  • Committed [r1578]

    merge following commits from trunk:

  • Committed [r1577]

    Misc stream fixes

  • Committed [r1576]

    Fix and clean md5 stuff

  • Committed [r1575]

    Start cleaning up the md5 stuff

  • Committed [r1574]

    Return a smart pointer instead of a raw one

  • Committed [r1573]

    Throw by value

  • Committed [r1572]

    Implement NVI idiom to help maintaining backwar...

  • Committed [r1571]

    Create ini sections if not already there

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2009-03-24 08:47:53


  • Project Logo ChipSynth Chip style MIDI synthetizer Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Fox Audio Player Simple and cross-platform music player. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Hurrican   Last Updated:
  • Project Logo libsidplayfp A library to play Commodore 64 music derived from libsidplay2 Last Updated:


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