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  • Committed [59677d]

    When looking for device mounts, try not to chec...

  • Committed [310c27]

    Update the list of 'real' filesystems

  • Committed [bcee67]

    Fixed a bug that prevented creating a symlink i...

  • Committed [faf74e]

    When using wxFileSystemWatcher, make '/' update...

  • Committed [009870]

    Make the Undo/Redo dropdown show at a more accu...

  • Committed [712bf1]

    Make the toolbar the correct size for its tools...

  • Committed [618771]

    When a new tab template is saved, treat it as a...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #10 on 4Pane

    True. I'd not tested in a packaging situation. Fixed now. Thanks for pointing it...

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