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  • Committed [r569]

    #141 Feature: Add Changelog preview to download

  • Committed [r570]

    - corrected CHANGELOG.TXT

  • Modified ticket #141 on AudioCuesheetEditor

    Feature: Add Changelog preview to download

  • Committed [r88]

    bugfixes for content update

  • Committed [r87]

    - corrected link for new database

  • Committed [r86]

    - updated database

  • Committed [r85]

    - corrected time format for getting online cont...

  • Modified ticket #7 on FoodDiary

    Bug: Activities and ActivityGroups Flag ChangedByUser doesn't get resetted

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2011-12-12 20:31:14


  • Project Logo AudioCuesheetEditor Write audio cuesheets fast and efficient Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Batteryinformation BatteryInformation is a tool for displaying battery information. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo FoodDiary FoodDiary is an app, that tracks what you have eaten. Last Updated:


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