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  • Committed [r526]

    translatenewelements_mfemm.m: corrected help text

  • Committed [r525]

    added translatenewelements_mfemm.m

  • Committed [r524]

    plotfemmproblem.m: correct drawing of magdir wh...

  • Committed [r523]

    newblocklabel_mfemm.m: correct help text

  • Committed [r522]

    loadfemmsolution.m: correct loading of mag dir ...

  • Committed [r521]

    plotfemmproblem.m: add option to mark geom prob...

  • Committed [r520]

    checkgeom_mfemm.m: remove duplicate overlapping...

  • Committed [r519]

    fsolver.m: minor additions to help

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2009-11-17 12:31:27


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