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  • Modified ticket #113 on Sardana

    Isolate taurus external dependencies that need patching

  • Posted a comment on ticket #113 on Sardana

    After quite some troubles, I finally managed to apply the patch. The feature is now...

  • Committed [3a1a77]

    Implement feature-113 - Isolate taurus external...

  • Committed [55ee21]

    feature-113: change some imports of taurus.qt.Qt

  • Committed [c16ebc]

    Merge branch 'feature-113' into develop

  • Modified ticket #123 on Sardana

    Debian: sardana dependency on ipython-qtconsole

  • Posted a comment on ticket #123 on Sardana

    patch applied. It took some time because a previous commit for bug #87 introduced...

  • Committed [0c57d6]

    Solving dependency on ipython-qtconsole

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