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  • Committed [r136]

    Fix CRational C++ wrapper

  • Committed [r135]

    v1.5.5 - Add shared lib build, improved toolchain

  • Committed [r134]

    Make tag for v1.5.5

  • Committed [r133]

    Fix C++ recent changes

  • Committed [r132]

    Fix cpplint style issues in cpp files

  • Committed [r131]

    Add cpplint Makefile rule

  • Committed [r130]

    Use cpplint for C++ headers

  • Committed [r129]

    Use a more modern C style - compatible with cpp...

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2005-04-26 06:02:03


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  • Project Logo Portable aeabi C portable ARM aeabi Last Updated:
  • Project Logo TennisScore Java classes to count tennis scores Last Updated:
  • Project Logo bigz Simple and complete bignum C library Last Updated:


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