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  • Committed [r119]

    Add BzSeed typedef for seed BzRandom pointer. B...

  • Committed [r118]

    rename obsolete name to

  • Committed [r117]

    rename obsolete name to

  • Committed [r116]

    Change BzRandom signature to use BzUint (unsign...

  • Committed [r115]

    Fix clang compilation

  • Committed [r114]

    Revert BzToStringBuffer

  • Committed [r113]

    Add BzPow(base, exp)

  • Committed [r112]

    Even more agressive splint fixes

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2005-04-26 06:02:03


  • Project Logo EmACT EmACT is an emacs clone for Windows and unix Last Updated:
  • Project Logo ISLISP lib   Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Portable aeabi C portable ARM aeabi Last Updated:
  • Project Logo TennisScore Java classes to count tennis scores Last Updated:
  • Project Logo bigz Simple and complete bignum C library Last Updated:


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