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  • Committed [f600ce]

    Bug 1188431 - Fixed length argument handling in...

  • Committed [c5a681]

    Bug 1188439 - Fixed GMPLoader.cpp compilation w...

  • Committed [f31b0a]

    Bug 1188457 - Fixed SapiService.cpp compilation...

  • Committed [699938]

    Updated imported headers to current Wine version.

  • Committed [ed0931]

    widl: Don't output C++ default value if the arg...

  • Committed [7a2e58]

    Regenerated headers with current widl version.

  • Committed [bf1542]

    Bug 1176731 - Don't mark static inline function...

  • Committed [78dca7]

    wrl: Added ComPtr implementation.

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2006-06-24 19:59:39


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  • Project Logo Wine Run Windows applications on Linux, BSD, Solaris, and Mac OS X Last Updated:


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