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  • Committed [1b47c2]

    maint: updates and fixes to root Makefile.

  • Committed [cbe95f]

    bwmorph: replace unecessary %!shared blocks wit...

  • Committed [a4abcf]

    bwmorph.m: replace slow internal function with ...

  • Committed [de3b5f]

    bwmorph: add failing test for shrink option (bu...

  • Committed [f044c7]

    maint: update Hartmut Gimpel email address as p...

  • Posted a comment on merge request #3 on Octave Forge

    You can strip those commits (the hg srip command is an extension which you may need...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #136 on Octave Forge

    A suggestion for the next release, be careful when setting compiler flags. It seems...

  • Committed [6e7597]

    symbolic: small fixes

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2009-01-16 16:29:41


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