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  • Posted a comment on ticket #217 on Octave-Forge

    This does not build with current Debian stable (Jessie). There's two reasons: CODEC_ID_NONE...

  • Committed [075d50]

    nnet: package has no maintainer and authors inc...

  • Committed [879a06]

    nnet: do not autoload package

  • Committed [52d847]

    main packages DESCRIPTION: added e-mail address...

  • Committed [a5e415]

    removing empty seealso from help text that can ...

  • Committed [4019fe]

    nnet: update license to GPLv3+

  • Committed [34f60d]

    minmax: matlab compatible to replace min_max

  • Committed [302d75]

    nnet: made __foo functions properly private

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