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  • Posted a comment on ticket #178 on Octave-Forge

    Dirk, could you please regenerate the html as Oliver mentioned?

  • Posted a comment on ticket #175 on Octave-Forge

    There are no NEWS for this release. The NEWS file only lists things from the previous...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #164

    When trying out the package, I noticed that when you unload the package, it does...

  • Posted a comment on merge request #2 on Octave-Forge

    All the comments on the octave bug tarcker about coding guidelines apply here. Also...

  • Committed [749335]

    autotools for configure script to check python ...

  • Committed [643fa4]

    eulergamma: fix typo on documentation

  • Committed [5b38c2]

    New functions for Catalan and Euler-Mascheroni ...

  • Committed [967433]

    Add simple tests for eulergamma and catalan

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