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  • Modified ticket #22 on guitarix

    bad label in fuzz face RM

  • Posted a comment on ticket #22 on guitarix

    Hi ssj71 Thanks for the hint. It's already fixed in git Commit [6a3bb1] http://sourceforge.net/p/guitarix/git/ci/6a3bb187ce6618abdd371997a807ed8ae3d8b683/...

  • Committed [c152be]

    * add Jen and Selmer Wah plugin to the Wah sel...

  • Committed [fadd2b]

    * add debug check for new SharedEnumVar

  • Committed [bf1afb]

    * remove wah's from plugin library and add the...

  • Committed [3d91cf]

    * move Wah plugins into single plugin with mod...

  • Committed [fc1215]

    * add Fox Wah plugin to guitarix main

  • Posted a comment on ticket #21 on guitarix

    I've just double checked it, and no problem here with oxygen-gtk in Cinnamon, KDE,...

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