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  • Committed [9f02ec]

    Merge branch 'release-7.0.0-alpha.7' into develop

  • Committed [fbc45b]

    Use XLToolboxForExcel rather than Addin dir in ...

  • Committed [770158]

    Bump version number to 7.0.0-alpha.7.

  • Committed [7d9d22]

    Merge branch 'release-7.0.0-alpha.7'

  • Committed [4a05b0]

    Rename Addin project to XLToolboxForExcel.

  • Committed [4eb630]

    Initial working version of ScreenShotExporter.

  • Committed [9815c1]

    Make ribbon state-aware.

  • Committed [2f2a18]

    Add checkbox to toggle topmost property in Work...

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2013-02-12 17:34:03
Germany / CET


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  • Project Logo Excel VBA Developer Tools Excel addin to facilitate VBA development. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo PubmedParser   Last Updated:
  • Project Logo VBA GetText VBA GetText provides basic I18N and L10N for Excel VBA projects. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo XL Toolbox Data analysis and visualization for Excel, for free Last Updated:


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