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  • Posted a comment on ticket #679 on MekHQ

    It looks like there are a bunch of MissingBattleArmorEquipment and MissingBattleArmorSuit...

  • Modified ticket #622 on MekHQ

    0.3.6 : Jammed weapons do not show up in the repair bay

  • Posted a comment on ticket #622 on MekHQ

    Ok, its jammed because of tank weapon malfunction crib. I still have not been able...

  • Committed [r11424]

    + MHQ helper functions for resetting weapon jams

  • Committed [r2030]

    + Bug [#622]: 0.3.6 : Jammed weapons do not sho...

  • Modified ticket #715 on MekHQ

    Maximum number of acquistion disregarded when trying to fulfill pending orders

  • Posted a comment on ticket #715 on MekHQ

    Fixed in SVN

  • Committed [r2029]

    + Bug [#715]: Maximum number of acquistion disr...

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