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  • Posted a comment on ticket #4610 on MegaMek

    Klaus, its not ejection we are talking about, its the auto-abandon feature. Presumably,...

  • Committed [e78377]

    + Bug: EjectedCrew entities not getting pilot p...

  • Committed [f18bf6]

    forgot history.txt

  • Committed [779da9]

    + Bug: ammo bins should not be loadable in ware...

  • Committed [5d5763]

    + Bug: units listed as not invented when they h...

  • Created ticket #4610 on MegaMek

    Vee and aero crews should die with unit's destruction

  • Posted a comment on ticket #564 on MekHQ

    Actually, I think by the rules, tank engines should have to make the 2d6 >= 10 roll...

  • Modified ticket #325 on MekHQ

    BLC error DropShips

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