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  • Modified ticket #1363 on DocBook

    //varlistentry/term/synopsis is not visible in manpages output

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1363 on DocBook

    I just checked in a fix for this issue, so it should work in the next snapshot b...

  • Committed [r9980]

    Fix bug #1363 synopsis in variablelist term man...

  • Modified ticket #1207 on DocBook

    docbook/tables/pdf output appear bad/too narrow in 1.76.1

  • Modified ticket #1280 on DocBook

    Embedded Font support missing in epub3 stylesheets

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1280 on DocBook

    I added support for a comma-separated list of font files in the epub.embedded.fonts...

  • Committed [r9979]

    Add support for embedding fonts in the .opf fil...

  • Modified ticket #1348 on DocBook

    Neither role nor tabstyle set the class of a table

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