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  • Modified ticket #1359 on DocBook

    inline.monoseq and other inline.*seq templates handle links incorrectly

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1359 on DocBook

    I checked in fixes for this in fo/inline.xsl and html/inline.xsl.

  • Committed [r9963]

    Fix bug #13598 inline.monoseq and other inline....

  • Modified ticket #1358 on DocBook

    refpurpose regression

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1358 on DocBook

    This was indeed an oversight. The bug is triggered by a link or other href generating...

  • Committed [r9962]

    Add template for refpurpose in no.anchor.mode t...

  • Committed [r9961]

    Fix bug in dbfo-need for admonitions, and get d...

  • Modified ticket #1352 on DocBook

    STOPS BUILDS, is "integrated" into X11R7 and GLIBC, PHONES HOME

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