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  • Modified ticket #111 on BuGLe

    Update ffmpeg usage to avoid deprecated functions

  • Posted a comment on ticket #111 on BuGLe

    I fixed up usage of the functions that are actually no longer in ffmpeg. That's probably...

  • Modified ticket #114 on BuGLe

    build failure on Arch Linux

  • Committed [r1218]

    Tag 0.0.20150628 release

  • Committed [r1217]

    0.0.20150628 release

  • Committed [r1216]

    Fix compilation against more modern ffmpeg

  • Posted a comment on ticket #114 on BuGLe

    Glad it is such as easy fix. I've committed it to the BuGLe repository. When I get...

  • Committed [r1215]

    Fix compilation on GCC 5.1

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