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  • Committed [r6718]

    Added code to do the spine morphology change dy...

  • Committed [r6717]

    Added a couple of missing files

  • Committed [r6716]

    Added Spine class to biophysics. Spine handles ...

  • Committed [r6715]

    Major change to interface for rdesigneur. Much ...

  • Committed [r6709]

    Further incremental progress on Neuron.cpp to g...

  • Committed [r6707]

    Added neuronVoxel field to PsdMesh and SpineMes...

  • Committed [r6706]

    Cleanup on wildcards so that a terminal [n] wil...

  • Committed [r6704]

    Building new API for specifying channels, spine...

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2006-05-20 17:17:43


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