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  • Committed [r1412]

    Add "fmap/drivers/DBLayerDefinition.getFieldIdB...

  • Committed [r1411]

    Improvements to Field Statistics:

  • Committed [r1404]

    Patches to properly start/stop VectorialFileDri...

  • Committed [r1382]

    Caught another possible NULL pointer dereference.

  • Committed [r1380]

    Misc. bug fixes after static code analysis (Fin...

  • Committed [r1381]

    Added some NULL pointer guards to the extension...

  • Committed [r1362]

    Reduced default depth of spatial index trees to...

  • Committed [r1360]

    Introduces new property to set maximum depth of...

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2008-08-06 08:40:00


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