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  • Committed [80ea46]

    Renamed device driver interfaces/classes for cl...

  • Committed [d7536c]

    Ensured that interfaces document superclass rel...

  • Committed [bf14d7]

    Implemented Driver.count, Driver.exists, and Dr...

  • Committed [54daab]

    Defined the Driver module.

  • Committed [a6dcfa]

    Implemented Driver.list and Driver.iter.

  • Committed [c77cfc]

    Ensured that the GPIO pin example resets the pi...

  • Committed [10ba91]

    Made Sysfs.Pin#reset also unexport the GPIO pin.

  • Committed [271efc]

    Defined the Consensus.Prelude module.

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2010-09-17 06:30:57


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