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  • Created ticket #345 on jEdit

    RecentBufferSwitcher - show current buffer in the list

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1055 on jEdit

    +1 If I have several views windows opened, then, of course, I expect buffer switcher...

  • Created ticket #3907 on jEdit

    jEdit doesn't see if system time zone was changed.

  • Created ticket #3883 on jEdit

    Selecting text by mouse sets X primary selection but the keyboard does not

  • Created ticket #2452 on Notepad++

    for Ruby make multiline comments foldable

  • Created ticket #480 on jEdit

    keep folding on paste and indent

  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on 7-Zip

    Hi! Since the current stable 9.20 (2010-11-18) the newest extra package is only 2011-04-18...

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