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  • Modified ticket #18 on MIRA

    Fatal error (may be due to problems of the input data or parameters)

  • Posted a comment on ticket #18 on MIRA

    For this kind of questions, please use the MIRA talk mailing list where other people...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #18 on MIRA

    I do not think the the problem is you being a Linux newcomer :-) You truncated the...

  • Created ticket #106 on Staden Package

    2.0.0b10: Programs not starting on OSX Yosemite

  • Modified ticket #15 on MIRA

    MIRA crashed in Geneious

  • Posted a comment on ticket #15 on MIRA

    This is probably a memory problem: a project too big and not enough RAM. Also, MIRA...

  • Modified ticket #14 on MIRA

    Problem with gap handing in output files

  • Posted a comment on ticket #14 on MIRA

    The consensus generation does not rely primarily on base counts, but uses base and...

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