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  • Committed [765df5]

    Fix bug introduced with latest m3u8 code change.

  • Posted a comment on ticket #114 on eSpeak: speech synthesis

    OK, seems to be jack http://jack-audio.10948.n7.nabble.com/Jack-Devel-jack-is-broken-on-ARM-without-bogomips-td17596.html...

  • Created ticket #114 on eSpeak: speech synthesis

    espeak broken on arm (BogoMIPS in cpuinfo)

  • Committed [97b67f]

    Move the logic on how to download the m3u8 play...

  • Committed [3e0112]

    Allow PS3 controllers to be already attached, b...

  • Committed [40d590]

    Use dbus to disconnect the device via bluez.

  • Committed [b6e90b]

    Move PS3Remote to bluez.

  • Committed [281026]

    Small fixes for the first working modular version.

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