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  • Committed [a2fc92]

    Fix CAS2 emulation

  • Created ticket #187 on flex: the fast lexical analyser

    yyleng has wrong type

  • Posted a comment on ticket #184 on flex: the fast lexical analyser

    The same is true for yyleng. This breaks code using "extern int yyleng" (eg SystemPerl)....

  • Committed [e493cd]

    Replace SDL_static_cast with plain cast to rema...

  • Committed [42b386]

    avoid crash if fpu_exit was called without fpu_...

  • Committed [e8c0b1]

    Always load ramdisk to end of memory chunk

  • Committed [99a0aa]

    Replace [LILO]SkipSTRAM by [LILO]LoadToFastRAM,...

  • Committed [935ae1]

    New config setting [LILO] SkipSTRAM to load ker...

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