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  • Committed [r271]

    * Updating windows makefile to keep SVN revisio...

  • Committed [r270]

    * Adding makefile for Mingw toolchain (Windows)

  • Committed [r269]

    * Fixing some deprecated warnings from wxWidgets

  • Committed [r268]

    * Added WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN define on Windows b...

  • Committed [r267]

    * Fixed issue when a string was selected in net...

  • Committed [r266]

    - Fixed issues with input to network scanner ip...

  • Committed [r265]

    - Fixing issues with IP calculator not allowing...

  • Committed [r264]

    - Fixing threading shutdown issues. Now closing...

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2009-05-19 10:10:15


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  • Project Logo quickRDP Manages RDP, Telnet, SSH and VNC connections Last Updated:


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