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  • Committed [r11197]

    + Created a new branch for implementing strafing

  • Committed [r11196]

    + Removed two deprecated branches that have bee...

  • Created ticket #1283 on MegaMek

    Add Strafing, per TW rules

  • Committed [r11195]

    + Removed two old unused unnecessary branches

  • Posted a comment on ticket #4238 on MegaMek

    If it's a feature that you want, then making a feature request is the best way to...

  • Modified ticket #4242 on MegaMek

    Units showing twice in list with "Add a combat unit" button

  • Modified ticket #4238 on MegaMek

    Delayed deployment not working in scenario

  • Posted a comment on ticket #4238 on MegaMek

    Ok, this is fixed in [r11194]. So, the problem is, the scenario defines a location/facing...

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