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  • Committed [d41df4]

    Add interfaces for the date/time handling routi...

  • Committed [7d93db]

    Extend the procedure to determine if we are in ...

  • Modified a wiki page on PLplot


  • Committed [472bcf]

    Add missing routines to the definition file for...

  • Committed [d7e350]

    Extend the API (plsurf3dl) and example x08 for ...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #149 on PLplot

    Yes, I can confirm this now: the build process is going smoothly with this chang...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #149 on PLplot

    I will have a go with these changes (excluding my attempts at solving this ;)).

  • Posted a comment on ticket #149 on PLplot

    Hm, adding the set_source_properties command to qt.cmake (where the dependency originates,...

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