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  • Posted a comment on ticket #154 on sipp

    There's a start_txn and ack_txn attribute to handle this - see

  • Posted a comment on ticket #150 on sipp

    Can you raise this at, including the command...

  • Committed [r1194]

    Put new database fields in the main SQL script,...

  • Committed [r1193]

    Omit the RepositoryData XML element (rather tha...

  • Modified ticket #1 on OpenIMSCore

    Location-Information-Requests are malformed if the user is in Auth-Pending state

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1 on OpenIMSCore

    Fixed by r1189.

  • Committed [r1192]

    Don't drop ServiceData content in XML format

  • Committed [r1191]

    Add checkboxes for the IncludeRegisterRequest a...

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