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  • Luigi Usai
    Luigi Usai

    Hi Andre.

    Marry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    I'd like to learn how to compile in CPP, so I wonder if you could help me installing an IDE (maybe the same as you do) and compile your software from source code.
    I tried to create some project and to modify other's projects, but I'm still a beginner. Maybe with your help I'll learn more!
    I have a Linux Trisquel distro and a 64 Amd processor.
    Thank you anyway :)
    Luigi, from Italy

  • AndreLDM

    Hello there,
    In order to compile KISS Player, first all dependencies must be installed.
    Here you might find some instructions.
    Most of the libs should be available in Trisquel repository, except FMOD which must be downloaded from its site and installed. Unfortunately I wasn't able to port KISS Player to a free software alternative yet.
    To actually build, you do a 'make -f makefile.linux' or use Code::Blocks and open the file 'KISS Linux.cpb' as noted Here.
    If you need more hints, don't be afraid, just ask :)
    Happy Holidays for you too!