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  • Committed [09fa4a]

    Add new memflip() function to fix block flippin...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #245 on AdvanceMAME

    Please try again with latest git changes. We should be near now :)

  • Committed [dae556]

    More selective use of math library

  • Posted a comment on ticket #245 on AdvanceMAME

    Try again now. autogen.sh should give some errors, but create the missing install-sh...

  • Committed [b4267a]

    Restore autogen.sh to call automake again

  • Posted a comment on ticket #245 on AdvanceMAME

    Please retry now. The new configure script should now handle the missing math library....

  • Committed [3e5f81]

    Adjust configure.ac to support missing math lib...

  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on SnapRAID

    Hi, Please let me clarify this issue. What xad is saying is correct. Before recovering,...

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2001-08-01 19:03:54
Bergamo / Italy / CEST


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