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  • Committed [45b5b4]

    Fix broadcast address in drop_netbios().

  • Committed [c6144c]

    Removed some uneeded brackets in reject_auth().

  • Committed [628d94]

    Removed DROP_NETBIOS variable. Params are set w...

  • Committed [d8029c]

    Change line break in docbook file to unix style.

  • Committed [6e8390]

    Removed REJECT_AUTH variable. Params are set wi...

  • Committed [8cc10a]

    Updates on the reference manual.

  • Committed [ec9d05]

    Removed AUTO_PROV_DNS variable. Call is done wi...

  • Committed [677a88]

    Fix empty example in m_connmark.txt.

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2005-08-14 17:47:49


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