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  • Committed [7e3d76]

    not only print file-not-found as a warning but ...

  • Committed [0098c4]

    fix VS2010 error with type mismatch due to vola...

  • Committed [df88c3]

    eliminate some warnings

  • Committed [024d84]

    fix suffix that was in-compatible with MSVC 201...

  • Committed [8e2455]

    make sources compile again on MSVC 2012 (VC 11)...

  • Committed [70a2b2]

    use better condition for checking if compiler s...

  • Created ticket #1496 on 7-Zip

    double dot chars make compression fail

  • Posted a comment on ticket #569 on DavMail POP/IMAP/SMTP/Caldav to Exchange

    me too.

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