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LICENSES 2009-08-04 robert_dodier robert_dodier [a77e95] Move COPYING back to top-level directory.
admin 2004-06-22 amundson amundson [a6809a] small bug fix.
archive 2009-01-29 robert_dodier robert_dodier [e4e74e] Restore src/linnew.lisp because some functions ...
demo 2009-06-13 crategus crategus [412295] Reformating the whole file. No other changes.
doc 2009-08-03 riotorto riotorto [930dd2] Updating translation
interfaces 2009-06-06 villate villate [554a53] Quick fix for a bug: the second time plotdf tri...
lisp-utils 2009-05-13 andrejv andrejv [393fa8] ensure-directories-exist: need to set the devic...
locale 2009-03-15 robert_dodier robert_dodier [429955] Avoid gmake-specific constructs in locale/Makef...
plotting 2006-07-08 vvzhy vvzhy [ecb79e] Remove omplotdata since it is replaced by xmaxima
share 2009-08-04 robert_dodier robert_dodier [eeccf3] Commit revision of SARAG as sent by Fabrizio Ca...
src 2009-08-04 robert_dodier robert_dodier [d0b85b] Ensure correct type of argument for IORM. This ...
tests 2009-08-03 robert_dodier robert_dodier [a064ec] Fix bug in assume database: 1 was mistakenly co...
.cvsignore 2006-04-15 billingd billingd [ad4f5d] Ignore the other maxima .iss files
AUTHORS 2007-04-18 robert_dodier robert_dodier [72e555] Update list of authors.
COPYING 2009-08-04 robert_dodier robert_dodier [a77e95] Move COPYING back to top-level directory.
ChangeLog 2005-08-19 robert_dodier robert_dodier [85e9c1] Added notes about nset.lisp and rand-mt19937.lisp.
ChangeLog-5.10.0 2006-09-25 robert_dodier robert_dodier [ba0843] Commit files created on 5.10.0 release branch t...
ChangeLog-5.11.0 2006-12-20 robert_dodier robert_dodier [dbea4d] Change log for changes from 5.10 to 5.11.
ChangeLog-5.12.0 2007-04-18 robert_dodier robert_dodier [0e2fca] Change log for Maxima 5.12.0.
ChangeLog-5.13.0 2007-08-19 robert_dodier robert_dodier [626aba] New file ChangeLog-5.13.0.
ChangeLog-5.14.0 2007-12-23 robert_dodier robert_dodier [8005d7] Change log for release 5.14.0.
ChangeLog-5.15.0 2008-04-19 robert_dodier robert_dodier [b8cf08] Change log for Maxima 5.15.0.
ChangeLog-5.16 2008-08-14 robert_dodier robert_dodier [020f30] New file ChangeLog-5.16.
ChangeLog-5.17 2008-12-25 robert_dodier robert_dodier [1af3dd] Update Maxima 5.17 change log (omitted some stu...
ChangeLog-5.17-special-functions 2008-12-14 robert_dodier robert_dodier [05d78b] Change logs for Maxima 5.17.
ChangeLog-5.18 2009-04-17 robert_dodier robert_dodier [df1c9e] Change log for 5.18 release.
ChangeLog-5.19 2009-08-02 robert_dodier robert_dodier [95e55f] (1) New directory LICENSES to contain licenses ...
ChangeLog-5.9.2 2005-10-12 robert_dodier robert_dodier [c8be85] Committing some minor changes from the 5.9.2 br...
ChangeLog-5.9.3 2006-03-12 robert_dodier robert_dodier [cb13db] Change log for 5.9.2--5.9.3.
INSTALL 2006-09-28 robert_dodier robert_dodier [804f03] Attempted to clarify introduction. Specifically...
INSTALL.cvs 2006-09-28 robert_dodier robert_dodier [9adf73] Attempt slightly greater accuracy wrt configure...
INSTALL.lisp 2008-12-30 robert_dodier robert_dodier [51b941] Additional support for Lispworks.
INSTALL.win32 2007-03-31 vvzhy vvzhy [4d2e5e] Improvements by Vadim Konovalov 2009-08-04 robert_dodier robert_dodier [22d5d6] COPYING moved back to top-level directory since...
NEWS 2006-09-25 robert_dodier robert_dodier [b5a3f3] Merge in changes from 5.10.0 release branch.
README 2004-06-04 amundson amundson [097126] Updates for 5.9.1
README.developers-howto 2008-04-22 beshenov beshenov [271e06] New instructions for updating the website.
README.external 2004-06-04 amundson amundson [097126] Updates for 5.9.1
README.i18n 2006-02-11 vvzhy vvzhy [17821f] Readme for Maxima i18n
README.lisps 2008-04-07 rtoy rtoy [11ee12] Maxima works with CMUCL 19a and later.
README.rpms 2005-09-09 robert_dodier robert_dodier [74662a] Added instructions for how to build rpm files.
bootstrap 2002-08-25 amundson amundson [4537ff] Make bootstrap less needlessly verbose. 2007-02-05 vvzhy vvzhy [8b49e3] -- Make variable htmlinstdir specifies installa... 2004-11-13 amundson amundson [2822f2] Having broken down and read the automake manual... 2009-04-03 robert_dodier robert_dodier [7e1b1e] Change version number to 5.18post (on the trunk...
configure.lisp 2008-07-27 robert_dodier robert_dodier [7170f9] Merge patches-for-ecl-branch into main trunk. 2009-01-25 robert_dodier robert_dodier [393755] Adjust *MAXIMA-OBJDIR* and modify *.system file... 2009-04-20 andrejv andrejv [8b6577] Added correct command line options for wxmaxima. 2009-08-02 robert_dodier robert_dodier [95e55f] (1) New directory LICENSES to contain licenses ... 2002-10-28 amundson amundson [466310] Fixes to restore the functionality of xmaxima-l...

Read Me

Maxima is a symbolic computation program.  It is full featured,
doing symbolic manipulation of polynomials, matrices, rational
functions, integration, Todd-coxeter, graphing, bigfloats.  It has a
symbolic debugger source level debugger for maxima code.  Maxima is
based on the original Macsyma developed at MIT in the 1970's.  It is
quite reliable, and has good garbage collection, and no memory leaks.
It comes with hundreds of self tests.

Maxima is distributed under the GNU General Public License, with some
export restrictions from the U.S. Department of Energy. See the file

Installation information is available in the file INSTALL. Summary
information about this release can be found in the file NEWS. Detailed
change information is available in the ChangeLog.

For more information on Maxima, see the Maxima web site,