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  • Committed [8773b0]

    DOOM weapons : updated super-shotgun for 'splas...

  • Committed [2d064a]

    Fight Simulator : the 'splash' field of weapons...

  • Committed [89d97b]

    DOOM weapons : bumped BFG splash up some more.

  • Committed [a1f5d4]

    DOOM weapons : tweaked damage of the BFG.

  • Committed [519671]

    DOOM weapons : updated 'shotty' for splash dama...

  • Committed [85a374]

    DOOM weapons : updated rocket launcher for 'spl...

  • Committed [29b58e]

    Tweaked AMMO_FACTORS, especially 'more' setting.

  • Committed [a17517]

    Fight Simulator : simplified attack logic, only...

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2000-02-07 13:01:57


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