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  • Committed [r184]

    1. limit number of free tiles to 32 MB of memory

  • Committed [r183]

    Compute the total tile memory in units or 32 by...

  • Committed [r182]

    Began a fresh CHANGES.txt document.

  • Committed [r181]

    Moved the 0.92 CHANGES.txt document --> doc/ fo...

  • Committed [r180]

    Implemented ability to PAUSE the calculation if...

  • Committed [r179]

    fixed the previous commit, d'oh

  • Committed [r178]

    Removed CANVAS_MAX_W/H defines -- no limitation...

  • Modified ticket #3 on eureka-editor

    Negative y offsets bugged

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2000-02-07 13:01:57


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