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  • Committed [014567]

    Utils : incorporate the V7 improvements to util...

  • Committed [0dace7]

    DOOM / materials : set '_ERROR' material to CRA...

  • Committed [e229c9]

    V7/ Added 'weird.lua' code file -- contains the...

  • Committed [f3aed2]

    [V7] Worked on ability to convert the "edge gri...

  • Committed [467642]

    V7/ Copied Plan_create_rooms --> Weird_create_r...

  • Committed [be6908]

    Decided on a representation for "diagonal" seed...

  • Committed [e5824a]

    [V7 013/101] Got the logic to create a boundary...

  • Committed [682591]

    [V7 042/101] Moved code to split a seed into tw...

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2000-02-07 13:01:57


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