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  • Committed [023992]

    Shapes : added a few more shapes (e.g. HALL_L_4...

  • Committed [r1724]

    GAME DEFS : minor comment changes in freedoom2.ugh

  • Committed [d5b921]

    Misc / oblige_fab.ugh : added flying monster en...

  • Committed [7eebde]

    Misc : updated 'oblige_fab.ugh' (Eureka definit...

  • Committed [d17b4d]

    Wad-fabs : support special tex names '_NOTHING'...

  • Committed [1e880a]

    Misc : fleshed out prefab things in 'oblige_fab...

  • Committed [b7fb61]

    Renamed fab_edit.wad --> oblige_fab.wad

  • Committed [ed3fef]

    Misc : created 'fab_edit.wad' which contains si...

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2000-02-07 13:01:57


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