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  • Committed [cdda27]

    Scenic borders : build sky walls at edge of map...

  • Committed [d32208]

    Scenic borders : determine lower Z bound of are...

  • Committed [3a013f]

    WIP.txt : update (esp. scenic border stuff)

  • Committed [5fd2c5]

    Temporary disable VOID areas while working on s...

  • Committed [a0676f]

    Scenic borders : began work on new logic for sc...

  • Committed [a806f3]

    Improved logic in calc_wall_mat().

  • Committed [6608f2]

    Made 'fence_mat' be specific to each zone (inst...

  • Committed [77efc0]

    Scenic borders : call set_junctions() after vis...

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2000-02-07 13:01:57


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