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  • Committed [r1459]

    Moved 'bindings.cfg' to top level in repository...

  • Committed [r1458]

    silence a compiler warning.

  • Committed [r230]

    Makefile.xming : added -static-libgcc and -stat...

  • Committed [r229]

    Makefile.xming : using '$(OBJS) += xxx' did not...

  • Committed [r228]

    Moved Makefile.lx32 --> misc/ directory.

  • Committed [r227]

    pack-source script : added "make_common" file, ...

  • Committed [r226]

    Debian : output the package in current director...

  • Committed [r225]

    Debian info : removed 'libxpm4' dependency.

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2000-02-07 13:01:57


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