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  • Posted a comment on discussion General Discussion on PBSuite

    During the output step you can provide a -m parameter for minimum number of reads...

  • Posted a comment on discussion General Discussion on PBSuite

    Hey, I haven't done a proper evaluation of PBHoney as a misassembly detection tool....

  • Posted a comment on discussion PBJelly Tickets on PBSuite

    Hello, Is there any way you could send me your faux reference/sequence (english@bcm.edu)?...

  • Committed [r53]

    finished merging for reals

  • Committed [r52]

    Merge Finished

  • Committed [r51]

    A lot of work on merging that now isn't going t...

  • Committed [r50]

    Dear user. If you're reading this, you've reall...

  • Committed [r49]

    little functional progress but much assurance. ...

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