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November 2013, week 4: digirati

November 2013, week 3: alpapan

July 2013, week 2: vkdwivedi

March 2013, week 4: na5m, papanguezw

March 2013: bbakeranl

February 2013: allopez,

January 2013: alpapan, romanticz0, dungeon-keeper

December 2012: , acfullilove, elcico, kimno, glunder

November 2012: , robby659, zhangmingsh, dragomerlin, tepetl

October 2012: digirati, steveqid, sraponte, jbkor

September 2012: vkdwivedi, donb1945, prefict

August 2012:

July 2012: guiotclaude, ariobarzanes, boborme

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  • Sorry it took so long, thank you for all the help over the years! - Anonymous
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  • Thank you for your great work! - Anonymous
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  • Please keep up the good work - Anonymous
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  • thank u a lot waats the password - Anonymous
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  • long live sourceforge - Donor
  • sourceforge.... the foundry of advancement!!!! - na5m
  • Plone is a very nice project - papanguezw
  • donete for you - Anonymous
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  • Thanks for all the gracious hosting of projects - Anonymous
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  • Thank you! - Anonymous
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  • Thanks for your fast responses! - bbakeranl
  • SourceForge ROCKS my socks. I - Anonymous
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  • You are doing a great JOB!!! Keep on hosting :D - Anonymous
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  • Love Sourceforge - Anonymous
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  • Muchas gracias por vuestras aportaciones de SW - allopez
  • Been following your for 10+ years. Thank you so much for what you do! - Anonymous
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  • Thanks alot Sourceforg. - romanticz0
  • Ladies and Gentlemen of SourceForge: Thank you for your work. Carry on! - Anonymous
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  • Merry Xmas Keep up the great work! -
  • keep up the good work! - Donor
  • All the best - Anonymous
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  • Thanks! - kimno
  • Thanks! - Anonymous
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  • thank you for providing this great tool - zhangmingsh
  • RKWard is great! - Anonymous
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  • Many years of gratitude for sourceforge. If I had more money, I'd donate frequently. - Anonymous
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  • good luck! - steveqid
  • thanks for all your free downloads! was unable to help due to unemployment. have employment now. - sraponte
  • Keep up the good work! - Donor
  • I use VirtualDub for many years. Now I earn money; Good job - Thank You! - Anonymous
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  • Thierry ( - Anonymous
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  • Blat.exe me out of a hole and forever grateful -
  • Hantet - Anonymous
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  • par sympathie - guiotclaude
  • Guys, Thank you very much for all your hard work and great products. You're an inspiration. - ariobarzanes
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