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Zwicker's Loudness Calculation Method (ISO532B) SW Tools - V.Portet - 2010-2011 Partially ported from "Program for calculating loudness according to DIN 45631 (ISO 532B)" provided by the "Journal of Acoustical Society of Japan" (1991) (And freely accessible on-line via the Osaka University's Website) V0.20 of June 2011 - V.Portet COMPILATION AND INSTALLATION 1 - COMPILATION (Linux) Both source files in the main directory have to be compiled separately as follows: > gcc zwicker.c -o zwicker -lm > gcc bandsplitter.c -o bandsplitter -lm Note 1: The "-lm" attribute enables the link to the mathematical library under linux GNU GCC. It is not necessary under MinGW32 Note 2: Precompiled linux binaries are also provided in the relevant folder. Note 3: Source code contained in folder "calib-tools" does not need to be compiled, except for people wanting to know how "bandsplitter" has been debugged and tuned. (In that case, compilation is led in the same way). 2 - INSTALLATION (Linux) Check that compiled files are made executable and move them to one of these destinations: /home/your_user_dir/bin/ /usr/local/bin/ /usr/bin/ Copy the rest of the main folder contents to your preferred work directory. The SW Tools are ready to use according to guidelines provided in the documentation file. Refer to this documentation for any item related to the purpose and use of these contents. 3 - DOS BUILD OF "ZWICKER" APPLICATION - INSTALLATION AND USE (June 2011) A DOS / Windows compatible executable file has been added for running the basic "zwicker" application. It might be copied and launched directly in the folder of your choice. Other tools are only available for Linux. Refer to documentation in the Linux package for details about the way to use the program ZWICKER.EXE (similar to linux binary "zwicker").
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