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Zebra Programming Language II (ZPL II) is a label-definition and printer-control language.
ZPLViewer can parse ZPL II code and show's you the resulting label.

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  • jchb
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    v0.2.7 Looks good but supports a pretty limited subset of ZPL (it is in alpha). Chokes on these (at least)... EAN-13 & I2of5 barcodes (^BE and ^B2) Field Block (^FB) Comments (^FX).

    Posted 11/27/2014
  • mgoldston02
    1 of 5 2 of 5 3 of 5 4 of 5 5 of 5

    For doing a rough cut layout on how you want your label to look, this program works pretty well. What I find is that it often doesn't display larger fonts or anything if you adjust the height too large for the existing default font. I've had luck with this placing objects on the label and positioning them, but you have to print to the actual printer to do your final adjustments. I say keep updating this software, it works for what I use it for and saves label stock for the "fine tuning" of the label. Thanks Mark G.

    Posted 11/23/2014
  • jemlay
    1 of 5 2 of 5 3 of 5 4 of 5 5 of 5

    Doesn't work at all. Every single valid and printable ZPL code I've thrown at it, it does nothing but complain about a letter after a letter. X after F is perfectly valid.

    Posted 08/27/2014
  • blee
    1 of 5 2 of 5 3 of 5 4 of 5 5 of 5

    Great concept, user interface has a great design. But I need ZPLViewer to learn ZPL and design a label. It failed for me, since every example I tried from Zebra's manual failed, and the error message was not descriptive. I'm pretty sure the issue was ZPL commands I want to use have not been implemented in ZPLViewer. There was a related message on the help form - The developer said that he didn't have access to generate the barcode correctly. My answer to him would be - I don't need an accurate barcode rendering, I need my ZPL syntax verified, and an approximate rectangle would be great for label design layout. Final tweaks always have to be done on the actual printer anyways.

    Posted 07/27/2014
  • dr_lucas
    1 of 5 2 of 5 3 of 5 4 of 5 5 of 5

    Unfortunately doesn't open FedEx valid ZPL files, keeps throwing errors like: net.sourceforge.zplviewer.ParseException: Encountered "," at line 1, column 7. Was expecting one of: <CHAR> ... <DIGIT> ... Hopefully the developer will fix this. Here is an example of a valid ZPL that it can not handle: ^XA^CF,0,0,0^PR12^MD30^PW800^PON^CI13 ^FO0,147^GB800,4,4^FS ^FO0,401^GB800,4,4^FS ^FO0,736^GB800,4,4^FS ^FO35,12^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FDFrom:^FS ^FO35,31^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FDAlex^FS ^FO35,51^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FDFlagship^FS ^FO35,71^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FD79 Spike St.^FS ^FO35,92^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FD^FS ^FO35,112^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FDNorcross, GA 30071^FS ^FO35,132^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FD(123) 456-7890^FS ^FO490,31^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FDShip Date: 31DEC07^FS ^FO490,51^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FDActWgt: 10.5 LB^FS ^FO490,72^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FDSystem#: 1195167/WSXI0100^FS ^FO490,91^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FDAccount: S *********^FS ^FO43,158^A0N,25,27^FWN^FH^FDSteve Jobs^FS ^FO615,156^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FD(123) 456-7890^FS ^FO43,193^A0N,25,27^FWN^FH^FDApple Inc.^FS ^FO43,228^A0N,25,27^FWN^FH^FD1 Infinite Loop.^FS ^FO43,263^A0N,25,27^FWN^FH^FD^FS ^FO43,296^A0N,30,30^FWN^FH^FDCupertino, CA 95014^FS ^FO530,296^A0N,35,45^FWN^FH^FD(US)^FS ^FO725,216^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FDGround^FS ^FO670,238^GB105,10,10^FS ^FO670,248^GB10,112,10^FS ^FO765,248^GB10,112,10^FS ^FO670,360^GB105,10,10^FS ^FO650,173^A0N,50,55^FWN^FH^FDFedEx^FS ^FO690,256^A0N,130,130^FWN^FH^FDG^FS ^FO476,3^GB4,145,4^FS ^FO10,358^A0N,15,15^FWN^FH^FDRef:^FS ^FO406,388^A0N,15,15^FWN^FH^FDDept: Work^FS ^FO10,373^A0N,15,15^FWN^FH^FDInv:^FS ^FO10,388^A0N,15,15^FWN^FH^FDPO:^FS ^FO625,495^A0N,20,35^FWN^FH^FD1^FS ^FO640,535^A0N,20,35^FWN^FH^FDof^FS ^FO625,575^A0N,20,35^FWN^FH^FD1^FS ^FO80,771^BY4,2^BCN,290,N,N,N,N^FWN^FD>;>89612019333075610004019^FS ^FO135,1083^A0N,25,27^FWN^FH^FD(9612019) 3330756 10004019^FS ^FO783,288^A0N,15,15^FWB^FH^FDCLS090607/23/23^FS ^FO10,162^A0N,20,18^FWN^FH^FDTO^FS ^FO25,1108^A0N,50,55^FWN^FH^FDGND^FS ^FO25,1150^A0N,35,45^FWN^FH^FDPrepaid^FS ^FO300,1115^A0N,35,45^FWN^FH^FD^FS ^FO300,1149^A0N,35,45^FWN^FH^FD^FS ^FO30,428^BY2,2^B7N,10,5,12^FH^FWN^FH^FD[)>_1E01_1D02950142083_1D840_1D019_1D333075610004019_1DFDEB_1D3330756_1D365_1D _1D1/1_1D10.5LB_1DN_1D1 Infinite Loop._1DCupertino_1DCA_1DSteve Jobs_1E06_1D10ZGD004_1D11ZApple Inc._1D12Z1234567890_1D23ZN_1D22Z _1CN_1D20Z _1C0_1D29Z_1D28Z_1D26Z3632_1C_1D_1E_04^FS ^PQ1 ^XZ

    Posted 04/20/2014
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