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ZOOM PORTFOLIO MANAGER README.txt ********************** http://www.leskaye.com/zoomportfolio/ Currently available for M$ Windows (Win32/Win64) only but may(?) run under Wine on Linux. Version 0.6.0 adds the following features * "Review" date on positions intended to warn you of upcoming results (you need to enter the date) * Colour code warning of Review date and positions where the Last price approaches your High target price * Add web URLs to position Information so that you can quickly navigate to your Broker's research page, Company web site and other information resources. * New program icon and other minor changes. Following recent sluggish response of the Yahoo to price requests I have made the handling slighty more robust. If you get a crash whilst updating prices you can resume "update prices from here" from the crash position using the main menu or the right-click pop-up menu. I have updated the project site http://www.leskaye.com/zoomportfolio/ and included working Support pages for the unlikely event that you need something fixed. Please also visit the web site to make a small donation if you find this software useful. UPGRADE (to keep your existing portfolio data) ******* 1) Make a copy of your "ZoomPortfolio" folder and store it in a safe place as a backup in case of problems. Each minor version makes changes to the database structure so it is esential that you download all updates in sequence and run them one time to apply the changes; For instance if you are running version 4 (see About | Build version) you will need ZoomPortfolioUpgrade_0_5_2_From_0_4.zip and ZoomPortfolioUpgrade_0_6_0_From_0_4.zip 2) Download each "ZoomPortfolioUpgrade_0_N_N_From_0_N.zip" as may be required 3) Extract the file "ZoomPortfolio.exe" and copy it to your "ZoomPortfolio\program" folder to overwrite the existing file. 4) Run the program and check that the About | Build version is as expected - then repeat if necessary until you have completed ZoomPortfolioUpgrade_0_6_0_From_0_5.zip FULL INSTALL ************ The Full install Zip file contains an install folder which you should extract to your computer. Inside the install folder is Install.exe which you should double-click to run. The installation program simply unpacks the ZoomPortfolio folder onto your selected disc drive and creates Desktop and Start menu links (if required). Dismiss the Windows dialog which says the program may not be installed correctly - it is! The Portfolio Manager and data file is fully contained within the ZoomPortfolio folder which makes it suitable to run off a portable drive such as a USB stick if you use public or family computers or an assortment of home, laptop and office machines. Usage and further information is included in the Sourceforge project Wiki. To uninstall, simply delete the ZoomPortfolio folder and any Desktop/Start Menu links. No Registry entries are made by the software nor any files saved other folders. License of the application is Freeware. The distribution also includes the (freeware) Firebird SQL embedded server which is subject to the included license file. DISCLAIMER ********** Every reasonable care has been taken in the writing and testing of this software. It is not commercial software and is provided "as is" without warranties or guarantees of any kind nor with any assurance that it is "fit for purpose". (In other words, please do not sue me!!) Please report any bugs by opening a Ticket on Sourceforge https://sourceforge.net/p/zoomportfolioma/tickets/ You will need to be logged in to Sourceforge to create a ticket. DEVELOPERS ********** The project source code is available for browsing in the Sourceforge project Code section SVN and can be conveniently downloaded with a software tool such as TortoiseSVN http://tortoisesvn.net/ . To compile the source "as is" an Enterprise or higher version of Delphi XE5 is required http://www.embarcadero.com/products/delphi however it could be converted to other Delphi versions or Lazarus (Free Pascal) without too much difficulty.
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