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This is the April, 2011 release of the Zocalo Prediction Market code. This release is being made available to fix a bug in the RPC server. I broke RPC setup when I introduced Quantities and Prices. The latest version is always available at http://zocalo.sourceforge.net. You can use it to build a complete source release or either of two binary releases on Windows or any standard Unix-based platform (Linux, Macintosh). Release files with "Exp" in the file names support markets for economics experiments, while those with "PM" in their names support more general Prediction Markets. The INSTALL file gives instructions for installing and running. RELEASE-TODO lists a few of the many tasks left to be done. (doc/Priorities.txt lists more.) The windows releases use standard installers that walk you through the installation and configuration process. On Unix there is a configuration file to edit in etc/zocalo.conf. The source release includes javadoc as well as the source code, and an Ant file (build.xml) that will allow you to build source and binary releases, run JUnit tests, or regenerate the javadoc. It does not directly support installation. Installation should be done from one of the binary releases; you can build those from the source release. The binary releases include just what you need to run either an economics experiment setup or a prediction market, including the INSTALL instructions and suggestions for CONFIGURing an experiment using Zocalo. All versions include these NOTES and a list of CHANGES. LICENSE gives the license for the base Zocalo code. Third party code that we have included is described in THIRD_PARTY_SOFTWARE. We don't include source code for any of the third party code.
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